Why I Use Grammarly As My Online Writing Companion

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Grammarly is, hands down, the best writing and grammar checker I’ve ever used.

The app has helped me easily locate and correct hundreds of errors in my written work.

And since you can use Grammarly for just about any genre, I know this app will be of tremendous help to you and your business too.

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A Udemy instructor introduced me to Grammarly about a year ago, while going over a list of his all-time favorite blogging tools. So, naturally, I had to check it out for myself.

Starting the app was easy. I got upset though when I ended up with 11 errors on my first piece of writing which wasn’t even a full paragraph! Really?

I decided to stay positive, correct the errors, and move on. Even as I was bristling, I could admit that it was easy to correct errors in Grammarly. The system underlines where the issues are and as you hover over the word(s), makes suggestions for you. Neat, right?

The next document I typed contained 31 errors! By now, I was a lot less shell-shocked. I just corrected the errors and looked for the green Grammarly checker. All good. However, now I appeared to have some other concerns:


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Okay, time to confess: At this point, I was on the free plan, so when I tried to see what the Premium Alerts were, I couldn’t. I had to upgrade to see what those alerts meant and how I could use them to improve my work. Here’s an example of what I mean, from Grammarly’s demo document. It shows errors found and Premium Alerts:

You see? All the suggested edits are neatly listed for you to correct.

I just want to mention here that Grammarly isn’t perfect. It’s a grammar checker mainly. So the app may have issues with some slang or personal style. I don’t necessarily go with Grammarly’s suggestions if I’m confident of the term or slang I used. Just do what’s best for you.

Since I started with Grammarly, I’ve typed thousands of words and Grammarly has been there to check my punctuation, spelling, and word use on all of them.

I even get a weekly rundown of how I compare against other Grammarly users. I’ll admit, I don’t always look forward to seeing these but we just have to have to be brave, don’t we?

Here’s what the weekly progress report from Grammarly looks like:

Haha, I promise you, I am not always that productive! I also work part-time as a transcriptionist, so some weeks I type A LOT.

But who doesn’t love positive reinforcement?

Alright, let’s talk about my absolute favorite thing about Grammarly:

Grammarly’s Chrome Extension

Like a lot of apps, Grammarly comes with a Chrome extension. I strongly recommend you install this. Once you have this installed, the green Grammarly icon will check your work in any Chrome-based application you’re working in. For me, this is especially helpful when I’m typing up a blog post in WordPress. The icon sits in my editor and checks my work as I’m typing, like an awesome teacher, or mentor. I absolutely love this feature! It may take some getting used to, but it is worth it.

Grammarly also comes with an add-in for MS-Word and a native app for Windows.

Alas, Grammarly and I Have Had Some Ups and Downs

You may be shocked to learn that I have some bad habits ( :

Grammarly caught on to a few of them quickly and told me about myself.

The first time, I received a gentle chastisement:


Then, a not so gentle one:

What can I say? I was guilty! 

It’s been an interesting relationship so far; I’ve learned so much, grown so much, from using Grammarly.

Not only will the app check your work as you write, it will also offer feedback on any trends that may come up as you can see from my examples above. You get this on both the free and the premium plans.

Even better, if you’re on the premium plan, you will have access to Premium Insights which will vastly improve your writing.

Here’s what you get with the premium plan:

  • Twice as Many Corrections
    Premium users get to correct twice as many mistakes as free users, on average. The premium plan also includes 400+ checks and features to help you produce your very best content.
  • Get Better Results
    The premium plan includes features for genre-specific writing styles. So, whether you’re writing an essay or a resume or a medical document, you can specify the writing style you want Grammarly to check for.
  • Write With Confidence
    Grammarly’s premium plan comes with a plagiarism checker that compares your content against a library of over 16 billion web pages, so you’ll never have to worry about unintentionally borrowing content.

If you’re not ready for the Premium plan just yet (plans start at $11.66 billed annually), go ahead and sign up for the free plan and get going! The free plan will still provide you with plenty of value.

Do this for yourself. Let Grammarly help you as it helped me.

You can sign up right here.

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