The 3 Most Important Pages to Include on Your Virtual Assistant Website

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The most important pages of your virtual assistant website

So, you’ve decided you want to run a virtual assistant business. That’s a smart move! Becoming a VA is a very rewarding service industry to be in. Before you set out seriously looking for your perfect client though, you’ll want to create a virtual assistant website for your biz.

Your site will serve as your digital office. A place where potential clients can go to learn about you and the services you offer.

Learn the 3 most important pages you need to set up on your new virtual assistant website. The pages will get you going so you can start marketing your services. You can always add on pages later. #virtualassistant #virtualassistanthelp #websitesetup #faithfuladvantage


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You might feel daunted by the idea of building your site. Don’t be. The resource section at the end of this post includes a step-by-step guide to creating a website on your own!

Your site doesn’t have to be fancy; it needs to be easily accessible and provide all (or most) required information to potential clients.

It’s better to have your site done than for it to be perfect. If you try to make your site “perfect” from the start, you’ll end up wasting a heap of time adding unnecessary features to it, comparing your site to others, and not ever launching! Please don’t procrastinate this way, y’all! I did this very same thing, and it cost me months of time I could have spent building my business.

There are really only three essential website pages you should include when you’re starting out.


  1. The About Page

Whenever you visit a website, you’ll probably make a beeline for that site’s About page, right? The About page is considered to be the most popular page on a website after the home page.

People want to know more about the person (or people) behind the site. They want the story. They’d like to know who you are and how you can help them.

You’ll only want to write a brief biography about yourself, nothing long and drawn-out. My suggestion is to include just two or three paragraphs.

You should include your name, where you are in the world, what you enjoy doing, and any previous relevant job experience.

There’s no need to add your time working as the world’s best dog-sitter if you’re not offering this service.

If you plan to offer admin services, include that you worked as a personal assistant for five years, for example. Your potential clients will be interested in this type of information.


  1. The Services Page

The Service page is where you describe to clients what you can do for them. Again, you want to make this short and to-the-point.

You can include a paragraph that highlights why you’ll be an asset, such as your attention to detail or your great customer service skills.

List Your Services

Create a list of tasks you can do for your clients. You could lay this out in bullet format so that each task stands out.

Here’s an example: if you plan to be a virtual assistant to a food blogger, you could include services like:

  • Researching new recipes for blog posts
  • Creating stunning graphics for articles on food
  • Organizing and sharing content on social media
  • Responding to emails or calls about the blog
  • Setting up email campaigns

A Quick Note Here:

As you gain experience or your interests change, you can always update these tasks to better align with your business goals.

You can check out my Services page here.


  1. The Contact Page

Next, you’ll need to add a contact page to your website.  That way, visitors can get in touch with you for more information or to request proposals.

I use a contact form on my site, as do most online businesses. If you’re setting up a WordPress site, you can use a free plugin like Contact Form 7 or Ninja Forms

You could also include your contact information directly on the page, such as your email or phone number. If you prefer, you can set up a business email from right within your web host (usually in the cPanel) when you create your site.

You may also request a business number from Google Voice for free. This way you’re not using personal contact information for your business.

Avoiding Spam

When you set up your site, I suggest adding an anti-spam filter such as Akismet. Once you’re online, you’ll receive a lot of spam, distracting you from actual contacts from potential clients. Your anti-spam filter will become your new best friend!

That’s it! These are the most needed pages for your new site. As I said, you can add more as you progress and become more comfortable.



Write Down Your Thoughts:

Here’s a neat checklist to help you figure out what you’re going to include on your pages. Download and get going!


Grab Your Website Setup Checklist:

Website Setup checklist

 The PDF tutorial above will walk you through setting up your WordPress site and pages step-by-step.


3 Most Important Pages of Your VA Website