Specialized Virtual Assistant Niches That’ll Earn You More Money

Specialty virtual assistant niches

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If you want to charge higher rates, you’ll want to find a virtual assistant niche to specialize in; a niche that has less competition but is in high demand by your ideal customers.

Usually, that involves being a true expert in some form of technology and being able to deliver amazing results for your clients using that technology.

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Specialty Virtual Assistant Niches

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Check out my list below for a virtual assistant niche you can use to earn more:


  • Email Marketing

    – Email marketing is still one of the most important and effective forms of marketing that exists. Smart business owners know that creating and maintaining an engaged list is key to business growth and sales.

    If you really want to help your clients, become an expert in email marketing, including list building, and become adept at creating messages that make customers want to act.


  • Video Marketing

    – There are a lot of ways to go with this niche. You could offer your services to edit YouTube (or other) videos to make raw footage flow smoothly and be effective.

    Or, maybe you want to help advise video content creators on appropriate topics for their videos. Or you could suggest the right technology for them to use such as sound, lighting, and making the images pop. Here’s a great post from Neil Patel on video marketing.


  • Funnel Marketing

    – Funnels are super-hot because people are starting to get a better understanding of how to use them to market their businesses effectively.  Technology makes funnel building a lot easier to set up, but business owners don’t always have time to build and maintain these funnels themselves.

    If you can show your client that you’re an investment and not an expense, you can make good money handling these services for them.  Check out Cindy Bidar, a VA turned funnel marketing expert.


  • Social Media Marketing

    – Social media will be around for a long time, and clients would love to have someone competent handle the details of their marketing plans on specific platforms. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at this either, but you should have in-depth knowledge of the platform(s) your customer uses.

    With this service, you can offer packages which can help you earn a steady income. For example, $X for posting 25 times to Instagram per week or something similar. More on social media marketing here.


  • Content Marketing

    – This niche can be broken down into different types of content such as the ones mentioned above, but can also be an overall strategist role.

    As a strategist, you’ll be the one to match the right content with your client’s audience, wherever they are in their buying cycle. You would also track and adjust marketing strategies as needed. Find out more about content marketing here.


  • Webinar Expert

    – If you know how to help clients run and use webinars to market their business, you can make great money. You’ll need to know how to use the software, how to set up and invite people.

    You’ll set up whatever else it takes to run a successful and profitable webinar and lead your client through it. Here are some additional tips for running a successful webinar.


  • Affiliate Manager

    – In this position, you’ll be running your client’s affiliate program. You’ll help recruit affiliates, create or direct the creation of marketing materia, encourage more sales, develop and run contests and promotions.

    You may even be in charge of troubleshooting the technology or direct the tech person to do so if a problem occurs. The energetic Matt McWilliams has a ton of tips for affiliate managers.


  • Project Manager

    – Sometimes people have an entire team that they need help managing. Usually, you will take instructions from your client and pass them on to the right team member to be completed.

    You’ll check the work, submit the work to your client, and then manage payments for all contractors, either by sending invoices to a bookkeeper or by handling it yourself. This will depend on the setup you have with your client. Horkey Handbook has an excellent, relevant course on Project Management for VAs.

When you specialize, it’s important to narrow down the niche and not just choose something that’s general. You may be fearful that by niching down you will miss out on some clients, but that’s not true.

Plus, if you’re charging enough, you should not have to have more than a handful of clients to earn a full-time living.


How to Choose the Services You Offer

As you see, it’s important that you consider what you want to do and who you want to do it for as you get ready to start or re-direct your VA business.

Let’s go through each step of this process to help you narrow it down.


  • Decide who you want to work with

What type of person will you love working with the most? Do you want to work with start-ups or real estate agents or affiliate marketers? Your background may help you decide this.

A lot of VAs stay in the area they worked in before starting their business. If you do this, you have the advantage of already having contacts and knowledge of the industry.

Or, you can decide on a niche that you’ve always wanted to be in but never had the chance to do so before. Whatever you decide, you must answer the question of “who do you want to work with exactly?”


  • Decide what services to offer

Use the niche ideas above to help give you an idea of what services your ideal client might want from you. Research your potential client and make a list of what they do daily for their business. This may help you locate a service that you can perform.


  • Match their needs with your skills

So, the next step is to determine what your skills are and figure out how you can match them to what your ideal client needs.

For example, if they are a life coach who likes to do a lot of webinars, live events, and group coaching for their audience, you could become a social media marketing manager, a webinar manager, a technology VA or even a customer service VA, depending on how big their business is.

You can also become a content manager or an overall business manager who manages all the people who do all the things your ideal client needs to be done.


  • Narrow it down

Once you’ve determined the services you want to offer, go ahead and narrow down what you do as much as possible. By doing this you’ll be able to specialize, which always helps you make more money.

For example, as a social media marketer, you may want to niche down to one or two social media platforms. So, you’d market yourself as an Instagram Expert or a Pinterest Expert, but keep in mind that any given social platform may be gone tomorrow.

Stay current with the most popular platforms so you can always offer that as a service.


Final Thoughts

Did you find a virtual assistant niche that matches your skills or see one (or more) that you love doing?

Keep in mind that when you’re choosing your virtual assistant niche, it should be something your ideal client needs and something you are comfortable doing with little to no training. But, don’t be afraid to get more training when you need it. You don’t need certification in anything to do it, you just need the knowledge and to be able to demonstrate that knowledge in some way.

Once you know what you’re going to do and who you’re going to do it for, you can create your website and other marketing material. Until then, it will be difficult to get the copy on your site to truly speak to your audience in a way that will get them to choose you.

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