Simple Strategies for Choosing Your Virtual Assistant Services

Simple Strategies for Choosing Your Virtual Assistant Services

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When you first start, or at any stage of your virtual assistant journey, you’ll want to figure out what your services will include. Knowing what virtual assistant services to offer is sometimes a difficult decision for many VAs, as you may be unsure if you should learn new skills or just go with what you already know.

Simple Strategies for Choosing Your Virtual Assistant

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How to Get Started

The truly best way to determine what niche is best for you is first to choose who you want to work with.

What type of person will you love working with the most? Do you want to work with female entrepreneurs? Do you want to work with coaches? Do you want to work with affiliate marketers? Who do you want to work with, exactly?

You’ll want to create a client profile or avatar that will help you understand who your ideal client is, what they do, and then look at the various services they need to keep their business going.

Use niche ideas like the ones in this post to help give you an idea of what they might need. You can also make a list that describes what they do each day for their business (you can compile information from their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, or by asking them in a questionnaire, for example.) Doing this will help you narrow down a service that you can perform.

The key is to match their needs with your skills. So, the next step is to determine what your qualifications are and figure out how you can match them to what your ideal client needs.

Here’s an example: if your potential client is an artist who does a lot of webinars, live events, and group coaching for their audience, you could become a social media or webinar manager for them.

You could also work as a tech or customer service VA, depending on how big their business is. Or consider becoming a content manager or overall business manager who handles your client’s entire team.

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Research What You Can Do

Another way to figure out your niche is to read about the potential types of work you can do as a VA. You get over 150 ideas by signing up for Gina’s offer!

Go through the list and highlight anything that matches your skillset and that your ideal client would need someone to do for them.

You should narrow down what you do as much as possible. This way, you’ll be able to specialize which always helps you make more money.

So, for example, as a social media marketing expert, you may want to niche down to one or two social media platforms and market yourself as an Instagram or Pinterest Expert. Remember that any given social platform may not be here tomorrow!

Keep up-to-date with the most popular platforms, so you can always offer that as a service.

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You got this

When you’re choosing your niche or services, it should be something your ideal client needs and something you are comfortable doing with little to no training. But don’t be afraid to get more learning when you need it so you can become an expert at what you do.

You don’t need certification in anything, you just need the knowledge and to be able to demonstrate that knowledge in a way that benefits your customer.

Once you know what you’re going to do and who you’re going to do it for, you can create your website and other marketing collateral that speaks to your target client.

Want niche ideas you can download as a PDF? Download it here!

Simple Strategies for Choosing Your Virtual Assistant