How To Set Goals for Yourself That You’ll Actually Achieve

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Setting Small, Achievable Goals is the Key to Success

Did you set goals for yourself or business this year? Or perhaps New Year’s resolutions? How many of them are you still pursuing? If yours are still entirely on track, you can stop reading and go on with your fantastic self 💪🏽!

If you’re like me though, you’ll need some help.

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How to set goals you'll actually achieve


For years I kept setting a goal to start a new career path and quit my “regular” job but fear and laziness (being honest here) held me back. I was looking at the end result but never lay down steps to get there.

You may have a completely different vision, but you still want to achieve it, right?


The Power of The Written Word

I found a pretty simple solution to my lack of follow-through. A planner. Writing down my goals and then setting mini tasks for myself to achieve them has completely changed the way I accomplish things.

Writing your goals down creates a “space” for those goals in your life and mind. It makes them real. Also, writing them down means you can refer back to them anytime you feel like you may be getting off-track.


Small Can Be Good

A good project manager will tell you that for any major project to be successful, it usually has to be taken on in smaller chunks.

Different people working on separate tasks that will eventually come together as one coordinated effort.

In the same way, our goals can typically only be achieved if we break them down into bite-sized pieces.

If your goal is to clear out your cluttered garage, you may need to remove all those boxes, run back and forth to Goodwill, sweep, chase out the critters (🤣) and then re-arrange everything.

The idea sounds great but you end up quitting after your first run to Goodwill.

Why? Well, you took on too much!

You’ll be more successful if you set a plan to spread the tasks out over several days or weekends.

Setting up simple, mini tasks ensures that you’ll actually complete the work.

If you try to tackle your entire set of goals at once, you’ll end up frustrated and completely overwhelmed.

So, take tiny steps.


What I Use That’s Working For Me

The planner I use is the Slay Your Goals Planner from the Goal Queen herself, Nadalie Bardo of

Slay Your Goals Planner

The planner comes in a simple but targeted layout and was very reasonably priced for all the content that you get with it.

Nadalie also has a bunch of free resources you can sign up for on her site including a FREE Masterclass that I’m stoked to attend on October 3rd.

If you could use some additional help setting simple, achievable goals for your life and biz, consider joining us!

How To Set Goals You Can Actually Achieve


Are you ready to start working to make your vision a reality?

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