How to Use What You Already Know to Become an Online Infopreneur

Become an online infopreneur

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How to Use What You Already Know to Become an Online Infopreneur

Do your friends turn to you when they need help with their cars or bikes? Or are you the go-to person for health insurance questions? Perhaps you’re the person your family leans on when movie trivia questions come up on a game show or Jeopardy!. Whatever the case is, you’re known as the “expert” on some topic or the other.

If you have specialty know-how or have a passion for a topic, information marketing may be the perfect business model for you.

Information marketing is a massive section of internet business. As more and more people begin using digital information for reading and learning online, more opportunities open up for information marketers.

I’m going to go over a few points about information marketing in this post so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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How to Become an Online Infopreneur

What Is an Online Infopreneur, Anyway?

An online infopreneur is someone who makes a living selling information, and you can make a lot of money from it.

For example, suppose you’re someone who’s an expert when it comes to camping outdoors. People flock to you asking for help when they’re planning an RV trip with their family or a weekend away.  Why not make that same information that folks rely on you for, available to a wider net of people and possibly make some money doing so?

You could create training manuals, videos, and courses on how to go camping with kids for the first time. Or, you could develop cheat-sheets on the essential items to bring when camping by a river.

The information could range from beginner to advanced tips like “how to escape a bear attack” (😮). And even though most people will go camping for the rest of their lives and never see a single grizzly, they’ll still want to know what to do if an attack does happen!

We all like to be prepared (at least on paper) for anything, so there’s a market for such information.


What’s Your Passion?

An online infopreneur’s first job is to determine what their passions are and if there’s a market for it.

  • Begin by making a list of the topics you’re knowledgeable in or passionate about. You don’t have to know everything about the subject, just enough to supply valuable information to those seeking it.
  • Then, you begin your research using keyword research tools and investigating topics online; you’d look to see if people are searching for that topic. You should also search Google to see how many results come up when you search for a topic and if Google’s predictor suggests it.
  • If you use the Google Search Console, it’s best to pick topics that have a search volume of 10-100k searches and have low to medium competition. You can use other topics that are not within this range, but those may be harder to rank for on Google as you’ll face a lot of competition.

It’s possible you’ll start with basic tips for your chosen niche, but then, as you research more, you discover that many people are searching for the best ways to set up camp while traveling abroad, for example. That’s a more specialized topic and would require you to research and understand international rules and regulations regarding camping.

During your research, you also saw that there weren’t a lot of other businesses providing information on the topic. In short, there was high demand for the info but not much supply. This is the perfect opportunity to create an information marketing business.


Take it Step-by-Step

  1. Your first step is to find your interests and passions.
  2. Your second step is to research those interests for profitable niches. A niche is a specialty topic. It can also be a demographic like campers over sixty or camping for couples. Or it can be a skill level; beginner tent setup, for example.
  3. Once you’ve chosen a niche, it’s time to create your website and information products. Your website will be dedicated to helping your readers learn what they need to know or want to know about your topic. You could post articles or videos, free reports, or digital downloads.

Once you have people interested and accessing your free information, you can take them to the next step which is to offer them a product to buy. Often this is an eBook, an online course or a video series.

The most successful information products generally solve a problem for their target market — for example, a post like “How to Keep Bugs Away While Camping Near a River” would benefit those camping by a river for the first time. You may uncover common problems during your research or you may need to do more research to find the answers. Remember, you don’t have to know everything!


Your Passion, Your New Business

How To Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Online Infopreneur Business If you have a passion, interest or specialty knowledge about a topic, consider using that to create an information marketing business. It’s a great way to earn an income. Some information marketers have gone on to make millions from their books, courses, and videos. Try doing some research and see if this would be an ideal career path for you too.

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