Factors to Consider Before Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

Do You Want to Start a Virtual Assistant Business?

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Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to start a business that’s easy to set up but can produce six figures, with skills you probably already have, and equipment you already own, then a Virtual Assistant Business might be for you.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who performs services virtually (online) using technology for another person or business.

A VA can be the backbone of a business and the right-hand person to the owner of the company.


We’ve Come a Long Way

The VA industry has grown a great deal since it started in the 1990s; almost two billion clients are using virtual assistants today!

Exciting, right? And, there are MANY different ways to serve your clients as a VA.

Before you dive in though, you’ll want to decide if becoming a VA is really the right fit for you.

Facotrs to consider before starting a virtual assistant business

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There are many different VA niches.  These days, VAs can do any service for their clients from graphic design to content writing.

Honestly, you can develop a VA business that’s all your own and uniquely serves your clients.

If you’re a social media lover who enjoys getting the word out about events or other happenings in your local area, you may be able to use those skills to become a social media manager to a business owner who lives anywhere in the world.

It’s a good idea to choose the types of businesses you’d like to work with so that you can specialize. Or, you may select a handful of services that you’ll offer to anyone who needs them.

If you’re good with software such as WordPress, you could offer content management services to organize and update your client’s WordPress back-end.

You may even choose to be a customer service VA or a do some basic graphics using software like Canva.com.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your Virtual Assistant Business.

The key to making the most money as a VA is to specialize, so you can eventually do that. You can narrow down your ideal client to a very specific high-figure earner and become a project manager for them, for example.

Do any of the above scenarios fill you with excitement?

Okay, now let’s slow down a bit and think about the pros and cons of starting a VA business.


  • Pros and Cons of Starting a VA Business

Like most business ventures, there are always some pros and cons. But, unlike most business ventures the cons are minimal when it comes to starting a VA business, mostly because you won’t have a huge investment or a lot to lose if it doesn’t work out.

The main con of becoming a VA is the time you’ll have to put in.

But, if you set your mind to it and get started on the right foot, you will succeed. The truth is, most people who really want to be a VA can start making money within a relatively short time.

Also, consider the following:


  • You Must Be a Self-Starter

If you want to start any business, you must be able to motivate yourself. If you can’t set a schedule for yourself with deadlines and stick to it, it’ll be hard for you to be a VA.

Someone else is counting on you to meet your deadlines, and if you aren’t meeting them, they won’t keep you.


  • You Need to Pick the Right Niche

Starting a VA business requires some self-reflection and knowledge of yourself. If you’re not an early-morning person, and you hate talking on the phone, don’t pick a niche that requires that from you!

Instead, choose something that’s more flexible and is more deadline-based than daily time-based work.

Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer


  • You May Need to Learn Something New

If you pick a niche that requires you to learn new software, then you need to take a course or dive in and learn it. Luckily you can find a lot of classes on sites like Lynda and Udemy and learn anything you want.

Certification isn’t necessary; just knowledge of how to do it and being able to prove that you can. Just be careful not to succumb to Shiny Object Syndrome as this will just frustrate you.


  • You’ll Have to Market and Promote Your VA Business

Okay, there’s no such thing as ‘build it and they will come”. I learned this the hard way when my website was up for months without a single inquiry!

When you start any business, including a virtual assistant business, you need to know the right way to market and promote it so that you can get the word out.

That means you’ll need a website, social media accounts, and more. But, it’s not hard when you have the know-how. Start small and grow from there.

The main thing you need to know about starting a virtual assistant business is that you can overcome almost any obstacle because most of them aren’t even real! These obstacles are your brain putting things in your way to make you afraid. Don’t let fear stop you from going after what you want. The only thing you need is the time and dedication to start your virtual assistant business on the right foot using the right tools and information.

Here’s my free Guide on How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

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