About Page pictureIf you’re anything like me, you’re always doing something. It could be something you love or something you really don’t care for.

For you amazing business owners and bloggers, my work involves handling those work tasks you generally find tedious. Or those that take up WAY too much of your time.

I actually enjoy those tasks!

I had a great opportunity lately, after a mass layoff, to switch gears and decide what I really wanted to do with the skills I had learned over the years.

Family, friends, former co-workers, and connections told me what I could do for them, and Faithful Advantage was born of those wishes and needs.

Faithful was my late mother’s name, interestingly enough. The word also conveys how I see myself continuing to conduct business; staying true to my clients. The Advantage is the advantage(s) I intend to provide to you as we work together.

So tell me, what part of your day is getting out of control, or which administrative or service tasks would you rather hand over to someone else?

My goal is to provide complete, personalized service to you and your business as a Virtual Assistant.


Thank you,



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