7 Easy and Relevant Ways To Use a Vision Board

7 Easy Ways to use a vision board_Faithful Advantage

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If someone asked you to create a vision board for yourself, what would you want to see on it?

You, a money-making machine?

You, in a beautiful relationship?

You, in the best health of your life?

A vision board is simply a way for you to visually represent a goal or desire – but why even use one?

In a nutshell, visualization or the process of representing your desires on a vision board, prepares your heart and mind for what’s to come.

It’s nothing new – leaders and celebrities have been using the strategy for years. The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is celebrated for using the power of visualization to anticipate battle complications before they happened. And well-known celebrities like Oprah and Jack Canfield are famous for visualizing their massive successes.

So it may seem like “magic” to many people but we all know that believing something makes it real to us, whether it’s positive or negative.

A traditional board is made using poster material, pictures, words, cutouts from magazines, and anything else you feel like adding. These days though, a lot of people are creating digital vision boards using graphic design software like Canva and PicMonkey So it’s really up to you – you can even do both!

And any goal you decide to make your vision board about is okay, as long as you have a way to refer to your board every day, and ultimately, see yourself reaching that goal or desire.

Here are seven ideas for a vision board that should help you get started:

7 Easy Ways to use a vision board_Faithful Advantage

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You, the Traveler

Would you love to travel and discover exotic destinations?

You can help make this dream come true (sometimes in ways that you don’t expect), by using a vision board.

Start by choosing the reasons why you want to travel to a country like, let’s say, Greece.

Then, you’ll want to start collecting images of beautiful beaches like that of Psarou and other well-known sight-seeing locations such as Mount Olympus. Also add in pictures of colorful and delicious Mediterranean food, fresh fruits not available in your country, and even different types of drinks.

Greece’s Wetlands contain hundreds of bird species, so if you’re a bird or nature lover, pictures of some of these birds should also grace your board.

Don’t be surprised if you win a trip or score significant discounts when you put your vision board out there. Visualization is powerful, and you eventually reap the rewards if you stay focused.


You, the Millionaire

Money, money, money, money! Even if we don’t want to admit it, we need it, WANT it, and it certainly can open up opportunities for us.

We just need to make sure that we’re visualizing money with good intentions behind those desires.

For your money board, consider using images showing piles of gold coins and not just bills.


Well, because we’re attracted to shiny objects (I know I am) and we can’t help imagining the weight of gold in our hands when we look at pictures like that.

Keep your images colorful and bright – you can use jewelry or anything else you associate with wealth, even pictures of Queen Elizabeth!

The mix of colors will help to stir up positive emotions and spark your imagination.

Be sure to include some affirmations on your board. Here are some examples


A Healthier You

Eating disorders can affect anyone, and you can use a vision board to visualize a healthy, thriving life for yourself.

Here, you’ll want to use images of people who are NOT extreme in any way.

If you have an eating disorder, using a picture of a bodybuilder may not be such a good idea. Instead, search for images of happy, healthy people doing fun activities.

Add affirmations such as,  “I feel amazing, fully recovered. I permit myself to eat healthy, delicious food. I no longer compare myself to others.”

If you suffer from any type of eating disorder, please know that you can absolutely fully recover using the power of your vision board, along with professional advice.

Slay Your Goals Planner


You and your Beau (Boo 😉)

We all want to find real love, but this can be a pain point for a lot of us. Job obligations, prior bad relationships, personality clashes, can all contribute to lackluster love life.

You could use a vision board to visualize the ideal relationship for yourself.

Use images of people doing things that you would want to do with a partner. It could be pictures of people having a picnic by the river or in a dance class together, lovingly holding each other.

Your affirmations should be particular about the relationship. Add phrases like, “We love and respect each other. We love to do things for each other. We always talk things out calmly and solve issues right away.”

Attract the person you desire into your life, without going on dating sites (which can be sketchy) or asking friends for recommendations. In your heart, you know exactly what you want, so put it out there!


You, in a New Career

It’s no secret that we all want a job that makes us feel fulfilled and appreciated, and again, for a lot of us, the work we do isn’t satisfying at all.

For this type of vision board, you’ll want to plan out exactly what you want from a job, how much you want to advance, and how you intend to get there.

If you’re switching careers and your goal is to become a veterinarian, then you’ll want images of vets, animals, maybe even farms. You’ll also need to include training courses and statements explaining why you want to take care of animals. Did someone inspire you to want to become a vet?

Write it all down and start seeing yourself going to veterinarian school, excelling, and getting a job that brings so much value to the world.


Wanna Get Away?

This is not just a Southwest Airlines slogan. The words resonate with us because, well, we DO want to get away sometimes.

How happy would you be if you could own a beach house? Most of us would want that, right?

Well, you can attract the beach house of your dreams by creating a vision board for it.

Look for images of the type of place you want and include words that describe how owning such a place would make you feel. Maybe your desire is triggered by a childhood memory or it could be the smell of the ocean or the sound of the waves.  You want to be very specific about size, dimensions, and color, and then look forward to owning your very own pink cottage with a purple door!


The New, Fit(ter) You

I saved this one for last because most of us can relate to it, but yes, you can build a vision board around any area of physical fitness.

Maybe you want to get fit and be able to protect yourself. You can create a vision board around kickboxing. Find images of people kickboxing, sparring, and winning tournament trophies.

Add in pictures of healthy food and drinks because you want to be physically fit so you can participate, and include statements about feeling fit, powerful, and fully alive.

See yourself going through the belt stages and doing so well that you earn that black belt in no time!

Final Thoughts and Resources

  • Make sure YOU are in your Vision Board – You can’t have a vision board for yourself if you’re not pictured in it. Be sure to add pictures or statements that include yourself in your vision. Sometimes we get carried away and forget the reason we have the board in the first place is to get YOU to that goal, so make yourself part of your board.
  • Remember, your vision board can be about ANYTHING you want – cleaning your home, books, quotes, anything, not just what’s discussed in this post.
  • Go for it! You can download my succulent-inspired vision board affirmations right here!

7 Easy Ways to use a vision board_Faithful Advantage