5 Business-Boosting Features of Google Forms

Build your business with Google Forms

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Without a doubt, Google Forms is one of the simplest free Form tools you can use, whether you’re gathering customer feedback, organizing radio interviews, or taking applications for a job vacancy.

Google Forms is a web-based app that can be used to generate forms for data collection purposes. But, what makes Google Forms so useful is its easy customization.

Here’re a few things you can do with Google Forms:

  • get responses to tough questions
  • plan an event
  • generate an online survey (come up with your survey and use email to invite respondents)

Google Forms is a full-featured program available for free with your Google account just like Google Docs. With the Forms tool, you can collect responses or save them to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can then customize the form with simple color themes or photo, add standard question types or drag-and-drop questions in any order you prefer.

what you can do with google forms

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Here’re some of my favorite Google Forms features

  • Create a Survey

Google Forms users can easily create a survey with multiple questions in different styles. From a linear scale to multiple choice questions, Google Forms offers you many survey options. Also, you can design your survey to match your brand.

Google Forms - Customer Evaluation


  • Ask Different Types of Questions

With Google Forms, you can ask your audience open-ended, closed-ended, and other types of questions.

To collect data, you can make use of checklists, short answer text boxes, rating scales, multiple choice, and drop-down menus. You may also choose to make some questions mandatory.

Google forms - options


  • Themes for a Professional-Looking Forms

Easily create a professional-looking form with the app; some themes will allow you to choose from more than twenty pre-set designs.

If you’re looking for a branded look, you could create your own form from scratch, and customize the form background, text, header, and page background using your colors and fonts.

There’s a library of header images (some animated) available to spice up your form. Or, you can take a snapshot, upload a picture, or load an image from a URL or Google Drive to get that customized look.

Google Forms theme options


  • Settings to Meet Requirements

Using the Settings option you can make sure that the data you get is valid and easy to capture. For example, if you want to collect email addresses or if you want customers to be able to receive a copy of the completed form, you could apply those rules in Settings.

There are also options for setting up presentations and quizzes the way you want them.

Google Sheets - Default Settings


  • Multiple Ways to Administer Forms

Google Forms allows you to gather data in many ways. A form can be integrated into the body of an email to allow readers to submit their responses right from their Inbox or you can create a link to let readers answer the questions via a web-based form.

Once you create the code, you can then embed it into a web or blog page as another option for data collection. Also, you may use Google Chrome to convert the form into a PDF for download if you want responses using paper and pen.

Google forms - share options


As a business owner or blogger, you can use Google Forms to collect emails for a newsletter, create a quick poll, manage event registrations, create fun and engaging quizzes, and lots more.

In addition, Google Forms are highly interactive, and are the best way to collect information for meetings or conferences.

Google Forms Features