17 Super-Hot Virtual Assistant Niches You Can Excel in

Hot niches for virtual assistants

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Virtual Assistant Niches That’ll Help You Gain More Clients

Currently, most of the hot niches all surround some form of marketing, especially content marketing. All savvy business owners are seeking to promote their businesses and increase their social reach these days.

Let’s look at a few of these niches so that you can get a good idea of the different types of services you can offer your clients.


Hot Virtual Assistant Niches

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  • Social Media Manager

You can help your clients manage their social media. As a manager, you may not even do the tasks. You could direct the client’s VA(s) about what to do, or you may have your own assistants who perform the functions that you direct.

Alternatively, you can do everything yourself using automation. But overall, you’ll manage your client’s social media marketing efforts from A to Z.


  • Social Platform Expert

Do you enjoy working on platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or others? You can use this expertise to grow your client’s social platform(s).

You’ll want to know the platform inside and out so that you can help your clients get the most out of their marketing efforts on that platform.


  • Facebook Live Consultant

A lot of people like to use Facebook Live to market their business and expand their reach.

If you know how to, you can help your clients by advising them on how to conduct Facebook Lives effectively.


  • YouTube Marketing Expert

Likewise, if you’re good at building profitable or popular YouTube channels, you can provide a few services as a consultant.

Or, you may also just want to offer video editing services. Your clients can send you their raw footage which you edit, perfect and put online for them.

Virtual Assistant Niches That Will Help You Gain Great Clients


  • Sales Funnel Strategist

Everyone is all about the funnel these days. Do you know how to plan and set up effective funnels? This is a wonderful way to offer services.

The services could include funnel design, set up, and implementation using a specific technology, or you may agree to work with many technologies including software like instapage and leadpages.

Find more information on funnel building here.


  • Business Consultant

A consultant usually works with a particular type of business to help them achieve a goal.

For example, you may choose to help other people start a successful company like yours or help them expand in a new way.

You could also offer project management services.


  • WordPress Expert

Anything you’re good at doing with WordPress is an excellent service to offer.

You could offer services like setting up additional software like plugins or templates or adding new pages, managing updates, backups, and security.

Renee Shupe is a great example of a VA who specializes as a WordPress maintenance expert.


  • Content Writer or Copywriter

While these are considered businesses, many virtual assistants offer services around content writing and even copywriting.

You may be hired to write some blog posts, product descriptions, or even help edit a sales page, all of which require skills in content writing and copywriting.

Content writers may also offer editing, formatting, and SEO help.

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  • Content Marketing Strategist

If you’re good at looking at the overall big picture for your clients, you could become a content marketing strategist.

You’d help them know what types of content they need, how to repurpose the content they have, and how to consistently get the most out of their content marketing vision.


  • Facebook Ad Manager

Many business owners, such as coaches and product marketers like to run Facebook Ads. But, doing so can be a full-time job. It requires monitoring the ads that were posted, tweaking them, and even creating the ads with the help of a graphic designer.

If you have proven results from ads, this is a great niche.


  • Launch Strategist

Want to work with product creators? If so, a launch specialist who handles all the launches a business does is in high demand.

You’d help ensure that all aspects of a launch are set up and going smoothly. You’d use either your own team or their team depending on how you want to set up your business.


  • Webinar Expert

Many online business owners conduct regular webinars to help bring in more business and build brand awareness. Online course creators also like to use webinars to create and market their classes.

If you’re great with webinar technology, you can help your clients smoothly produce amazing webinars.


  • Live Event Expert

If you’re up to more excitement, you can become a live-event expert VA. You can help your clients set up their live events such as business meetings or training, ensuring that they’re successful even if you don’t attend the function yourself.

However, attending them can offer an excellent balance between working at home and getting out in the world too.


  • Landing Page Expert

Today, most products have some form of landing page, usually using specialized software like Leadpages, Thrive Pages, or something similar.

If you’re an expert in particular software, you can help your clients set up their landing pages.

But you can also generalize and work with any software if you’re taking the role of advisor and letting someone else handle the technology.


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  • Customer Service Manager

You can be a customer service manager, or you could provide customer service solutions for your clients such as responding to inquiries or managing their email.

You could set up help desk software (if they don’t already have one in place), then answer the help desk questions and handle the issues as they come through.


  • Affiliate Manager

Another excellent position is that of the affiliate manager. You’d help manage your client’s affiliates, getting them excited to promote the products, provide material for them to use to market the products, and troubleshoot issues with payments.

Here’s some free info on Affiliate Marketing if you’re unfamiliar with this business model.


  • Technology Platform Expert

If you’re good at setting up and using any technology that’s in demand, you can market yourself as an expert in that technology.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a shopping cart, a website builder, a course builder or something else; if you have strong knowledge in that field, you can offer this service.

Examples of in-demand technology right now include chatbots, live video, WordPress, Teachable, and many others.


  • Pinterest VA / Pinterest Manager

Pinterest is a HUGE source of traffic for many business owners. Bloggers, shop owners, and marketers alike are using this search engine platform to grow their audience and make sales.

With this niche, you’ll set up and optimize client profiles on Pinterest, create eye-catching pins, sort and schedule pins for maximum exposure, and strategically grow your clients’ presence.

If you’re good with design and organization, this could be the role you’re born to rock!

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So, what will it be?

There are often some niches that end up paying more than others and usually, that involves working with a niche that happens to be experiencing a popularity surge matched with just the right services that they’re demanding.

Next, we’ll look at some of these niches that are currently paying more but understand that with new technology the demand can always change.

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Hot Virtual Assistant Niches